An amazing breakfast date with wanderingdesi!!! Wish we got a picture of us together but this sums it up pretty well! I love you so so much!!!! You’re such a strong beautiful woman that I am so happy & blessed to have in my life❤️

Timestamp: 1409325691

Sisters from different misters ❤️

Timestamp: 1409116014

Who knew I’d run into so many people. #becauseselfies

Timestamp: 1408829033

Nothing beats late night adventures with these beautiful babes😘 #wepassedthebestfriendstest

Timestamp: 1408827257

I’m such a lucky lady to have spent my birthday with this amazing and beautiful cake, oh & with @shakennbakejake :)
PC: @erjolaborici

Timestamp: 1408389218

I’m alive!!! Thank you sooo much to these people for jumping out of a plane with me/coming to make sure I didn’t die & eating that amazing birthday cake. You all made my 22nd birthday da bomb diggity :) love you all❤️

Timestamp: 1408381714

Such a bae 😍

Timestamp: 1408380344

Successful day 2 BAES! Except for the fact that @andrewalday & @nommynomnom101 need to stand next to me more often, especially when I take pictures!! #turkeylegs #funnelcake #icantstopeating #bethanycantbebrown #bae #clapperstothefront

Timestamp: 1408257888

These people ❤️#familyreunion #dayone #thisaintevenallofus

Timestamp: 1408173366

Not only is @shakennbakejake a wonderful person, he can also make amazing phone cases! :)

Timestamp: 1408072212

Oh, we’re supposed to smile? #myb

Timestamp: 1407856177

Oh we cute :) thank you all for such a lovely day!! @shakennbakejake @jalba9

Timestamp: 1407722916

Big city dreams.
PC: @shakennbakejake

Timestamp: 1407512225

Long as my paca loves me 😘 #besosalpaca

Timestamp: 1407361808