Couldn’t have enjoyed Foster the People with anyone else more than I did with this wonderful & legal sweet thang😘 🍻

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"Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives."

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Too many emotions right now in a room of people I don’t feel comfortable in or fully trust. 😣 BUT FOSTER THE PEOPLE WAS GREAT!!!!

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to the guy who can wear fake gold chains, pet alpacas, & can make this beautiful face. Mahal kita 😘

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also an addendum to the hunger games slide, when they put out a casting call for the role of Katniss, they specifically asked for only caucasian actors to audition, which left out any possibility for any amazing PoC actors to have been discovered.

i hope this was informational and i didnt leave anything major out. if anything is wrong or needs to be updated, message me and i’l fix any fallacies!

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Nicki Minaj teaching the models at Alexander Wang how to do the Anaconda dance is the greatest thing I’ve seen today


This was so sad.

Ahahaha they weak

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With Halloween on the horizon, here is Angie Jordan with an important message.

Yes, I’m re-blogging myself.


to all the white people with ideas

That last line.

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