Good thing I can experience the lunar eclipse from the comfort of my own bed on the interweb.

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My posters make me proud :) #UWSymposium #undergraduateresearch #yeascience

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Let’s see…

Madison: 3/12 for Posters in the Rotunda
Florida: 3/15-3/22 for spring break 
Ohio & Chinatown: 3/28-3/30 for MAASU & ASU fam bam bonding time!
Boston/New York: 4/4-4/8 for CNS Conference & lab bonding!


Now, back to school & i’m so behind. I feel like I can’t do all of this and work and ASU and family and maintain a smile. I just feel like sleeping through everything or asking the laws of nature to pleaseeeee extend these days & nights so that I can get all this shit done. I want to cry. :(

Why do I always overload myself every semester & never learn my lesson. I wish I could focus on only my classes cz I’m so behind & it’s the reason why I’m in school. I want to go to med school soooo bad but I’m so nervous my grades aren’t good enough. I wish I had more time.

Mario called me beautiful, Minnie came to say hi and brought her ugly clone & woody, then Mario said he loved me. Found love at Times Square:) #howimetmyhubbyandfriends #newyork #timessquare

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Church of Christian Science

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Downtown Boston #graffiti #art

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First words I hear today

  • Janitor of the building my lab is in: Oh, hey. It's you, you're here again?
  • Me: yeah....